Don’t ignore it

George Wolff, 989Group Partner, Creative Director


Dad, What are You Doing?

Last Saturday, while I waited in front of the soccer arena to pick up my son, I lay across the gear shift in my car, pointing my phone up at this beautiful series of color and patterns and light and shadow coming from my sunroof.

First looking over his shoulder to see who else might have noticed this, he said, “Dad- what are you doing?”

It’s Right There

Sometimes, I stop and stare at an object, a shadow or a light beam, and I cannot take my eyes off it. If I have my camera (phone) with me, I will snap a quick image, with the intent of returning to it later-– all to discover what about this image captivated me.

But, on those very rare occasions, when I am without my phone (camera), I am forced to stop and absorb what exactly it is that has come into view. That’s difficult to do. It means pressing ‘pause’ on whatever it was I was supposed to be doing so I can focus on this interesting, odd or beautiful thing that has stopped me in my tracks.

I may have been on my way to the copy machine, or coffee pot, or to tell Adam or Brian about a really great idea. And I have to stop.

Stop and Smell the Roses

To me, this phrase always meant, “make time for things that make you happy.” And, perhaps that is part of it. I love that idea. But, let’s not ignore the seismic impact acknowledging the beauty and majesty and wonder around us could have on us. These roses (and thorns, perhaps) are meant to be noticed along the path.

The shadow in a coffee cup, the puddle from snow-heavy boots, the leaves tossed across a brick path, or the light fighting to break through a car’s sunroof– they are all there to be noticed. They may not all be significant, but they are not to be ignored.

It’s What I Do

My work with 989Group allows me the luxury to stop and notice the details. Whether staring at a photo or layout spread or collaborating on the best word or phrase for an article, my job is to notice the details.

Sometimes a blessing, sometimes a curse, it’s important to notice the details.

My son didn’t notice the ripples of light emerging from the vented opening in my sunroof, nor did he think much of it when I pointed it out to him. But then I snapped a picture and showed him.

“Wow- pretty cool.” He looked up at it again, and tried to see it the way I had captured it on my phone.

An extra set of eyes, seeing what we may not see, can sometimes make all the difference.



Author: wolffgeo

Creative Director directing Creativity Creatively.

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