Why do the Wrong People travel?

“Travel they say improves the mind, An irritating platitude, which frankly, entrenous, Is very far from true.”

from Noel Coward’s, “Why do the wrong people travel”


I love looking at the year ahead, and anticipating what great things I may encounter. It seems silly, I know. The resolutions, the predictions. But, maybe lookin a head is exactly what we are supposed to do.

Anticipating the Future

It’s not really possible to predict the future, I think. I know I may make some enemies by saying this. However, we can make goals and prioritize the twelve months that lie ahead of us.

I’m not a big goal maker, although I live by my daily lists and calendar items. You might say they guide my daily progress. The items not tended to from today get bounced to tomorrow’s list. Sometimes the top, sometimes a sidebar.

But this year, I looked at 2019 and thought, “I want to travel more.” This great article in the New York Times emphasized my longing to succumb to my wanderlust and depart the midwest for adventures unknown.

But then I got to really thinking about it, and discovered a greater truth. I don’t want to just travel. I want to travel and explore with people I love–– my family and friends.

Noel Coward famously penned, “why do the wrong people travel… when the right people stay back home?” Coward blasts the American tourists for slathering food with ketchup and mucking up dust in famous attractions around the world. It has nothing to do with my article, but it makes me laugh.

As for me, I want to be with, and experience new things with my children. To watch their eyes light up at the revelation of a new understanding, and to see them experience different cultures. I want walk cobbled streets and sip coffee at cafes we alone have discovered.

I have traveled for work most of my life-– first as a performer, now as a creative director, but even in those moments, it wasn’t the travel itself that was fun, it was the people I encountered, and those with whom I shared the experience.

For our family, road trips are crucial to our family dynamic. Each holiday, we pack into the SUV and make way to family’s homes across the country. And the ride is important. We always end up singing some goofy song together, arguing about who sits where, and casting our ballots for which coffee shops will earn our business along the route.

And, the family needs that time together. We need to be cramped in a limited space, relying on each other for map guidance and navigation, dj-ing, and management of the all-important snack bag. But– making this trip alone? Not hardly. The reason we enjoy this trip is because we are together.

Travel on, wanderers. But do it with those you love.

Author: wolffgeo

Creative Director directing Creativity Creatively.

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