Your Vote Matters

Your Vote Matters.

I’ve read many posts from folks saying it’s not enough to just vote- you must also contribute or campaign for a candidate.

Not so.

I’ve heard people living in seemingly “always red or blue states” say that their vote doesn’t really count.

Not so.

The VOTE is what matters. Still. That simple, indisputable, still-equal, singular vote. It matters. We each get one. Only one. Every American. One vote each. The great equalizer.

I know, I know. It’s difficult in some areas for people the get to the polls, or return their ballots. I know. And I know some voters feel their voting rights are marginalized or even suppressed. We must correct that.

And, yes — the Electoral College has equations and operations that boggle the minds of even the brightest Americans.

But the vote- your vote- still matters. Not even only because of its contribution to our democracy and its leadership- but because of what it does FOR YOU- the voter.

What happens within US when we unite together to acknowledge that every American gets only one vote? And that each and every vote gets counted? What a beautiful expression of equality, unity and freedom!

When you exercise your privilege- your right- to contribute (on equal, level terrain) with every other American- you reflect the very best of the country.

Each person. One vote. One Nation.

It’s quite beautiful, actually. Even the leader of this democracy gets only one vote. Just one.

So- let’s acknowledge the great gift that is ours through this fair and free election. And let’s hope for a peaceful Election Day.

On November 3, I will celebrate this great country — fully aware of its flaws- and proudly cast one vote. When I do so, I will be smiling inside- knowing that I’ve joined together with you to make America what it is.